Illustration of post-it notes and service design tools

About me

Over the last eight years working in UX & service design, I’ve helped farmers, financial institutes, ecommerce start-ups, travel companies, luxury brands & now the BBC - inside and out.

I believe in having a broad range of skills to be in the best position to work with a wide range of people:


Understanding if we’re solving the right things, contribute to business strategy & pass on the difficult messages that this sometimes requires.


Planning & conduct all sorts of user research, from ethnographic studies to usability testing & qualitative research.

Using data

I collection data, generate insights & use it to help make decisions - from UI improvements to IA overhauls.


I love concepting with designers, developers, product owners & users. I sketch, create animations & prototypes to communicate ideas & gather feedback.

Leading people

I use coaching methods to help the people I work with to solve their problems & believe that the best designs come from teams, not individuals or commitees.

What else?

When not in the office I can be found sketching portraits, hiking, or reading about psychology and nature.

I live on a boat, am passionate about the outdoors, sustainability, the environment and baking.