Screenshots of the BBC's privacy site: Using the BBC

Using the BBC; explaining the BBC’s privacy policy

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As part of the launch of a new BBC account. I was the UX lead of the companion site: Using the BBC, which explains to users in simple terms, how their personal information is used and gathered by the BBC when they sign in.

Defining the content strategy with research

I engaged with stakeholders to bring a user-centred approach to the creation of content. Through user research and workshops with designers across the BBC I discovered the kinds of issues that users wanted information on or had problems understanding.

Some of the questions and concerns users might want to know
Some of the questions and concerns users might want to know.

Once we'd identified what information users would want the BBC to address, I ran rounds of card sorting and tree testing with over 500 users to define the final IA of the site.

Creating mock-ups of this kind of information and testing with users helped me understand the best format to deliver this in and how users could best find it. For this to work across the BBC, the content strategy had to be communicated with a network stakeholders from all BBC sites from iPlayer to News.

Diagram of a principle for content discovery

I worked with stakeholders to ensure content was delivered and had a unified tone. Alongside a copywriter I created a set of guidelines to help stakeholders write content which addressed user's concerns in a way they could understand:

Be transparent

Give honest reasons for why the BBC does things and asks for specific data.

Focus on benefits

Explain why this is all ultimately a good thing for the reader.

Empower through education

Give links to relevant educational content across the BBC and to specific parts of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Put the user in control

Tell the reader what they can control and give relevant links to the Settings area.

The content was also tested with a range of cognitive abilities to ensure it was accessible to all.

Illustrations used to explain the benefits of a BBC account

Designing for transparency

I worked with an agency to develop the illustrations and animations on the site. These helped explain concepts such as how cookies track users behaviour on the BBC. I was responsible to ensuring the site aligned to the rest of the account experience and allowed users to control their use of the BBC through account and cookie settings. This required the coordination of messaging across the BBC so that any disclaimers about personal information and settings also included clear explanations so that the BBC could fulfil it’s responsibility to it’s users to being educational, transparent and trustworthy.

Illustrations used throughout the site

After launch I was responsible for monitoring its use through analytics, defining improvements such as refinements to the navigation and access to support on the site.

Visit Using the BBC

Photo of Using the BBC beign viewed on an iPad.

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