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Screenshot of the 'Action plan' section of the Safetyhub product
While working at Possible, I was UX lead on a project aiming to help keep farmers working on small farms safe. NFU Mutual wanted to develop a digital product to replace the need for an in-person risk assessment, often too expensive for small farm owners.

Defining the product aim

I worked alongside the client to understand their aims, starting by mapping out the current offline processes of a risk assessment with the client. Through this process we decided to focus on the owners of farms who worked with two or fewer employees – an area where proportionally more accidents take place.

Sketching a storyboard for hwo the new tool could work

Contextual research and Agile development

I conducted research with farmers involving several contextual interviews in rural locations around England and Wales. This helped inform the understanding of the users needs and behaviour – required to refine the concept. I developed a prototype which was then used as a stimulus for further telephone interviews.

Nick visiting a farm
Conducting contextual interviews on the farm

I worked alongside an agile development team, we developed an MVP to understand the potential of an online product aimed at farmers. I worked alongside developers and architects to define the product with minimal deliverables, relying on an early prototype and sketches to create the final interface.

Nick interviewing a farmer on location
Throughout the development I tested the product with farmers and subject matter experts from the client organisation.

The final product was a tool which allowed farmers to answer a set of questions specific to their individual farm, generated by a decision tree. They receive an assessment, tasks to tick off online and videos and help content for their tailored list of tasks.

The live site: NFU Mutual Safetyhub

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