The BBC’s Procurement Process

Service design Mapping
Illustration of bank notes
I've been working with the Procurement team at the BBC on a programme to assess how to make it easier, faster and cheaper for staff to buy things they need for their job – from buying office supplies to renting birds of prey for TV progammes.
Map of the procurement process Detail from a map of the procurement process
Mapping the systems, process, inputs and roles involved in the end to end process.

Exposing complexity

Mapping the systems, actions, inputs and outputs with the stakeholders enabled me to understand the whole picture before we attempt to solve anything. Along the timeline of the map, we plotted the pain points and opportunities, identified by stakeholders in previous workshops.

The map became a tool on which we could pin our research findings and to imagine what an improved future version of the systems and processes might look like.

Illustration showing researching findings being added to the map
Mapping the processes of an entire department meant working closely with the team.

Enabling the team to prioritise

This has helped the team to spot the best place to focus their attention, with quick wins making it easier for staff to find information on the service as well as inform longer-term strategic decisions.

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Subtitalizer tool being used to correct a transcript


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