Illustration of journalist recording a protest on their mobile phone.

Mobile Newsgathering

iOS Product design
BBC Journalists and correspondents needed a faster way to upload content to the newsroom, the newsroom however needs more metadata to help them use incoming content. I was UX lead on this year-long project to re-design an existing app to meet these aims.

The brief was to design a product that collected more data (tags, rights information, location etc.) on the content when it's uploaded without slowing journalists down, which might result in them abandoning the app altogether. To understand the users motivations and needs I spent time speaking to journalists, correspondents, editors and producers. A service design approach helped to make sure changes to the app fitted in with the BBC news ecosystem.

Screenshots of the PNg iOS app Sketched map of tools used by newsgathering staff
Quickly mapping out the ecosystem helped me understand how the app fitted in with the News production workflow.

Testing quickly with correspondents

After understanding some issues users had with the app, I quickly created some rough, click-throughs prototypes showing different possibilities as stimuli in conversations with journalists to understand the implications of any changes and understand their needs better.

Sketched app screens used in research Positive feedback from correspondents during research

Using the voice of the user

Ultimately using the voice of well-known journalists and correspondents pursuaded a web of stakeholders that changes were needed in several tools across the workflow and not just the app itself.

Diagram showing key improvements to the app
Allowing users to send content to the Newsroom faster with improved metadata making it easier for their colleagues to publish, while supporting Tweeting of content in line with the BBC’s social strategy.
Photo of the PNg app in use

Other projects:

Subtitalizer tool being used to correct a transcript


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A map of the BBC News' planning process

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