Creating meaningful improvement to the way people engage with technology. I’ve worked with e-commerce start-ups, financial institutes, journalists & farmers.

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Product design Prototyping Machine learning

Improving the subtitling workflow at the BBC. To make sure all BBC content is accessible, video journalists needed a tool to allow them to create subtitles quickly, within a complicated workflow.

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Mobile Newsgathering

iOS Product design

Redesigning an iOS app to allow corresondents to send content into the newsroom faster & describe it better to help it reach it's audience.

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Improving the way the BBC plans News stories

Service design Change management

Mapping & improving the various process involved in planning newsgathering activities – to help the newsroom decide which stories to cover to best reach the widest audience

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Using the BBC

Content Strategy IA

As part of the launch of a new BBC account. I was the UX of lead of the companion site: Using the BBC, which explains to users in simple terms, how their personal information is used and gathered by the BBC when they sign in.

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Personalising the BBC

UX design Design management Design research

As a designer at the BBC, I lead the development of new UI patterns which allowed users to personalise their experience or participate, either through sharing content, saving locations, voting or providing feedback on recommendations.

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The BBC’s Procurement Process

Service Design Mapping

To make purchasing and procurement more efficient and speed up the process for staff buying things for the BBC, I ran a service design project with the Procurement team at the BBC.

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Safetyhub for Farmers

Product design Design research

I worked with farmers to produce a solution to reduce risk on small farms, where farmers work in isolated, tough conditions.